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Pack Walk and Play

Pack walks are an excellent opportunity for your dog to learn socialisation with other well balanced pack members.

We teach your dogs how to play with other dogs in a safe and supervised manner. We discourage any rough play.

We offer a 45 minute and 1 hour pack walk option.

We collect your dogs from their home, exercise them for the allocated time period, and return them within 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

The 45 minute walks are generally at an allocated dog park, but we do sometimes visit a dog beach.

The 1 hour walks are generally at a designated dog beach, but we do sometimes visit a dog park.

Yes, we do still walk when its raining, but not if the weather is stormy. Our cut off temperature in summer is 26 degrees.

45 minute walk $33 per dog

1 hr walk $44 per dog

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